Me You and The Robot is a multidisciplinary collective that focusses on the implications of robotization on the future of work.
Me You and The Robot
Lead by Henrique Nascimento and Erik Vlemmix, the collective investigates the role of technology as a possible enabler of a new working condition where future job creation enables new ways to define our existence outside of the typical work-orientated definitions of the self. On the crossroads of ethics, technology and design, they propose scenarios on how humans and algorithms can work together through new models of collaboration. Currently focusing on future nodes of human and machine education, by applying technology as a driving force to bring new models and systems of learning. They work with products, installations and videos to explore and create interactive choreographies between man and machine. The collective is based in The Netherlands.

Henrique Nascimento - Design
Erik Vlemmix - Design
Cas Hariri - Data Analytics
Nort Vlemmix - Writing
Fabian Baumer - Writing
Sergio Alves - Editorial
Gagelstraat 6a (118)
5611BK Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Dutch Design Awards 2017, Dutch Design Week - Oct. 2017
Van Abbe en De Stijl, Van Abbe Museum - Jun. 2017 / Feb. 2018
How Will We Work?, Vienna Biennale, Jun. - Oct. 2017
MANUFACTUUR 2.0, Z33 House for Contemporary Art - Oct. / Dec. 2016

Create Out Loud Talkshow, MU artspace - Oct 26th 2017
DDW Talks, Dutch Design Week - Oct 26th 2017
ROBOT LOVE Embassy, Dutch Design Week - Oct 24th 2017
The Arena, Design Academy Eindhoven - Oct 22th 2017
Dutch Design Daily, Pakhuis De Zwijger Amsterdam - Oct. 9th 2017
Future Flux Festival, Rotterdam - June 9th 2017
PATH festival, Sao Paolo Brasil - May. 6th 2017
Botclub (Humans Welcome), Het Nieuwe Instituut - Mar. 2nd 2017
Robot, Qua Vadis?, Z33 House for Contemporary Art - 15 Dec. 2016

Dutch Design Awards 2017
Gijs Bakker Award 2017